elec calc™ IRVE - Annual subscription

elec calc™ IRVE is used to model and size any type of low-voltage installation and, more specifically, charging infrastructures for electric vehicles.

Remarkably user-friendly, the IntelliSense predictive interface of elec calc™ automatically proposes the logical sequence of its installation diagram to the designer. These intuitive and flexible drawing features make design ultra-fast with the software particularly easy to get to grips with.
The software enables the user to manage a power balance in real time. So, by modelling the entire installation and applying the expansion factors, it is easy to check whether the installation can supply these new EV receivers.


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elec calc™ IRVE annual subscription

elec calc™ IRVE is recognised as the most powerful sizing software in the field of electrical design: calculation of conductor cross-sections, short-circuit currents, voltage drops, sizing of sources and protections, calculation of power balance.
Single workstation
- The licence can be installed on several PCs in single-user mode.

Norms and standards
- The sizing of IRVEs is governed by standards NF C 17-200 part 7-722 and by the practical guide UTE C15-722. It is necessary to know the characteristics of the power supply network at the point of connection in order to define and optimise the choice of protection according to its breaking capacity and the type of differential circuit breaker depending on the characteristics of the bollard installed.

elec calc™ IRVE integrates all the normative checks required by the regulations. The pictograms on the synoptic, combined with the description of the anomaly, will guide you in the design. In addition, by clicking on the anomaly message, you will be redirected to an online FAQ, where the non-compliance is developed based on the associated normative texts.

Power balance
- The software allows you to manage a power balance in real time. By modelling your entire installation and applying the expansion factors, you can check whether the installation is capable of supplying these new receivers.

Export Excel ® PDF, DWG
- This tool allows you to export data from elec calc™ IRVE, to communicate with your various software applications, to increase productivity and to avoid multiple entries and the resulting errors.

Recommended configuration
Windows® 7 SP1, 8.1 & 10 (32 & 64 bits); 16 GB RAM recommended, 1.5 GB free disk space (minimum), Full HD display(1920 x 1080 preferred) intel® core i5 mini processor, internet connection for installation and updates.

Services : Silver level

- Access to technical support: ticket / hotline
- Guaranteed technical support response time of 24 working hours maximum
- Software version updates
- Manufacturer catalogue updates
- Integration of 10 manufacturer references per year*.
- Access to 5 training tutorials per year

* in addition to the monthly updates, subject to having all the manufacturer\'s technical specifications.

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