archelios™ PRO Platinum


archelios™ Pro Platinum is a professional design software offering all the functionalities and databases needed to design all types of photovoltaic installations

archelios™ Pro Platinum sizes, calculates and simulates any solar installation project with unlimited power


* License duration (subscription included) : 
1 990,00 €
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With its unique features, the archelios™ Pro Platinum sizing software takes PV design to the next level for professionals who need more customization for their projects

archelios™ Pro Platinum provides designers with unique features in the PV market that allow them to design solar installations in an optimal configuration.
Access to weather databases and Google Maps, a wide choice of PV components, optimised management of self-consumption, a quick entry system, 3D design tools, database customisation are all assets that allow us to provide a rigorous and therefore less expensive project, and as close as possible to production conditions, even for the most complex installations.

Thanks to its functionalities for calculating solar energy production and economic indicators, the archelios™ Pro Platinum software is a real economic decision-making tool.


    • Integrated 3D modelling - NEW
    • Inverters and modules sizing
    • Production forecast
    • Self-consumption
    • Economic analysis of the project
    • Solar pumping sizing
    • PDF report export
    • Addition of material references
    • BIM&CO modules database
    • 3D model (SketchUp plugin)
    • 3D modules wiring
    • Full export to archelios™ Calc
    • 3D Junction Boxes and inverters wiring
    • DXF 3D export (AutoCAD)
    • GeoJSON export
    • KML export (Google Earth)
    • User horizon profile Import
    • Trackers
    • Project comparisons
    • Clipping optimization
    • 3D - Earth moving features (Sketchup)
    • Losses indicators on large plants
    • Plugin Revit® - NEW
    • Support: tickets/phone/remote


                                                  Technical support : ticket, telephone, specific support

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