archelios™ PRO Free - FREE SOFTWARE

archelios™ Pro Free sizes, calculates and simulates any solar installation project up to a maximum power of 36 kWp - FREE OF CHARGE.

Whether you are a craftsman, a student, or a young company, and your projects do not exceed a power of 36 kWp, the software archelios™ Pro Free is made for you.




* License duration (subscription included) : 
0,00 €


archelios™ Pro Free enables to design projects for solar installations connected to the grid or for self-consumption, but also to provide very precise calculation of the productible and associated economic indicators.

The user benefits from a database and functionalities that assist him in the dimensioning of inverters and modules according to the project.
Thanks to its simple and ergonomic handling, archelios™ Pro Free is an excellent educational tool for users who are new to photovoltaic design.


  • Inverters and modules sizing
  • Production forecast
  • Economic analysis
  • Self-consumption
  • Secured web application and data
  • Licence duration : 1 year
  • Quick and easy access

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