archelios Pro

All the advantages of the classic archelios with new advanced features

kWp unlimited version for project creation and edition 
Export your projects to Autocad or MS Excel

archelios Pro is a professional design software offering all the functionalities and databases needed to design all types of photovoltaic installations.


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archelios pro

Online Software for optimal PV design and yield prediction for PV professionals: the classic archelios with new advanced features.

archelios Pro is a professional design software offering all the functionalities and databases needed to design all types of photovoltaic installations.

Easy to use, archelios Pro offers the world’s most precise production calculation thanks to the 3D simulation of your project. Efficient decision-making tool, archelios Pro delivers a complete analysis of an installation profitability. Thanks to the multi-project comparison function, the designer can also determine the best settings for an optimal installation.



  Project creation and edition of ANY SIZE: whatever the size of type of project, the new archelios Pro takes PV design to the next level by providing you with a powerful tool for full conception of feasibility study. 

  Export your projects to Autocad or MS Excel: with these new features, archelios Pro  allows you to continue using the data of your project(s) on MS Excel and/or AutoCAD without compromising the accuracy of the yield prediction while saving you hours of project engineering.

• Access to a worldwide geographic coverage of weather stations for solar irradiation data
• 3D modelling of the installation and of each component thanks to the SketchUp plug-in (precise calculation of close shadows by the modelling of I-V curves for each module and string)
• 3D simulation of modules layout and cabling for a maximum yield
• Online application, easy to use, easy to access including on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), with a clear and detailed graphic visualization
• Detailed comparison between projects (equipment choices or cabling options) for a better analysis
• Calculation of production and of profitability including LCOE (Levelized cost of energy) in €/kWh
• Precise and detailed calculations for a closer to reality estimate of the project (most accurate software in the world*)
• Innovating tool for the simulation of self-consumption projects (daily electrical consumption profiles edition ) and energy storage options
• Ability to export the photovoltaic project into archelios calc to design cables and electrical devices (breakers, SPD, ...) and to complete the project

archelios Pro offers a 3D simulation of the photovoltaic installation, as well as the architecture of the building and its environment. The user can define the best layout, by taking into account shades for instance. Horizon masks are automatically calculated globally thanks to the SRTM data from the NASA.

The detailed parameters of each component are accessible and editable easily. Offering a large choice of modules and inverters (+ 12,000 references of modules and + 1,500 inverters), archelios Pro makes it easier for users to choose the best equipment for an optimal yield.

archelios Pro is an online application, accessible from anywhere thanks to the storage of your projects in the cloud (secured transmission by “https” and dedicated server with redundant backup process). Your projects can be shared with your colleagues or visualised/edited at your customers’ office, on a computer or smartphone. You are now more flexible than ever.

No need to install extra apps: archelios Pro is compatible with all the internet browsers. You can be assured to always have the latest updated software version and databases. If don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, it is still possible to work “offline” (plug-in for Windows). You can synchronize your projects with the same interface as the online application. Once you are done working “offline,” you can transfer your project “online” to share it with your co-workers, clients or prospects.

• Web application with online access, automatic updates and «offline» plug-in for Windows
• Project generation in pdf or through an online sharing link
• Project comparison

• Geolocation with Google Maps
• Access to more than 1 500 worldwide weather stations and import of external weather data
• Use of the detailed weather data for the computation: global lighting, direct and diffuse irradiation, solar fraction, wind speed, temperature, albedo
• Automatic global calculation of the horizon line (NASA data)

• Simulation of the supporting building and its environment
• Pitch and consideration of exclusion zones
• Layout and pitch 3D automatic cabling
• 3D Simulation of each component
• Automatic calculation of cables’ lengths
• 3D Simulation of shadows from the near shadings for each module on an hourly basis

• Choice of the equipment from a wide multi-manufacturers database (inverters, modules, batteries, etc.)
• Extensive and detailed simulation, with consistent parameters default-values (temperature ranges, ventilation parameters and modules peak power, maximum voltage of inverters, maximum current, array-to-inverter ratio, …)
• Choice of the inverter, multi-MPPT management, micro-inverters, optimizers
• Display of the detailed results for each component (module, string, inverter)

• Hourly simulation of the AC and DC annual production
• Calculation of the performance ratio
• Hourly calculation of I-V et P-V curves for each module and each string
• Exhaustive losses computations (masks, soiling…), including losses resulting from modules’ ventilation

• Yearly incomes over the whole period of observation
• Profitability evaluation takes into account renewal costs of equipment, maintenance costs, bank loan with its interest rate and subsidies
• Internal Rate of Retun (IRR), LCOE (Levelized Cost Of Energy), Net Present Value (NPV)

• Simulation of self-consumption projects with/without storage: calculation of the production and of the electrical needs
• Definition of a consumption profile : calculation of the electrical needs according to the number and the type of electrical devices used and to a consumption profile (hourly, daily, monthly or seasonal)
• Hourly comparison between production and consumption
• Possibility to import a need template-profile scenario
• Generation of graphs representing the production, the consumption, the self-production, the self-consumption, the need for energy storage

• Web application with online access and automatic update, plus an “offline” plugin on Windows
• Project generation in the pdf format
• Sharing-URL generation to exchange with the client or the players involved in the project
• Comparison of projects (cabling or different equipment)
• PDF-format detailed and customizable report


• Software upgrades & service packs
• Personalized technical support
• Certified access to contents
• Predictable budgeting


• Arabic
• Chinese
• English
• French
• German
• Italian

• Portuguese
• Spanish
• Turkish


Windows 7SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (x64 bits)
Windows Server 8 (x64 bits)
4GB RAM (minimum)
5 GB disk space free (minimum)
Video board (certified recommended)
Intel® or ADM® processor
Broadband Internet Connection
Internet Explorer 8 or later


By default, this license includes a silver level support subscription.

* Only 1 or 2 year licenses are available online. For more information, please contact our sales team.

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