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CAD software for electrical and automation projects

elecworks is a powerful ECAD software, enabling electrical designers and engineers to create electrical and automation projects.
Version limited to 20 drawing sheets by project.

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elecworks is a powerful ECAD software, enabling electrical designers and engineers to create electrical and automation projects. elecworks is aimed at helping professionals create complete electrical and automation projects thanks to several design production tools.

elecwork offers numerous advantageous features such as the fast creation of electrical drawings (power and control) and PLC, the automatic generation of reports (BOM, connections, ...) and terminal strips; in addition to the easy creation of the cabinet layout. This efficient software also supplies a large library of symbols (respecting the international standards as IEC, ANSI, GIS, ...) and numerous databases from the major electrical manufacturers worldwide (symbol, references).


Remark: this version is limited to 20 drawing sheets per project

elecworks provides designers, electricians and engineers with a powerful tool to design electrical and automation projects. With its Microsoft SQL database and its powerful user interface (with its own graphical engine), elecworks offers the most advanced features available on the market, allowing you to produce easily complete project documentation in a short amount of time.

• Own graphics engine, compatible with .dwg/.dxf file formats
• Microsoft SQL Server database ( includes Microsoft SQL Express 2008)
• Digital license that allows standalone & server/user installation
• Floating license. It can be installed in as many computers as needed.
• Compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 64 bits.
• Compatibility with applications Microsoft SQL Server

• Multilanguage interface. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
• Multi-user access in real time. More than one user can access the same project at same time.
• Chat console to maintain two-way communication with other users
• Customizable user console (Shortcuts, icons, toolbars)
• Customizable user rights

• Flexible and intuitive user interface
• Dynamic menus and options
• Contextual menus according components
• AutoCAD commands
• Go to... command, Find and Replace
• Undo/Redo make and remake
• Cut, Copy and Paste command
• Drag and Drop commands

• ANSI, IEC, GB and JIS standard Included (templates, symbols, formulas, reports and projects)
• Templates creation from a single project
• Multilanguage Translation
• Unicode compatibility
• Project navigation bar
• Components navigation bar
• Symbols customizable bar
• Customizable macros toolbar
• Sheet type classification
• Customizable project formulas
• Locations and functions
• Manager reviews

• Importing files (bmp, gif, jpg, png, ico, tif)
• Import and export (DWG / DXF)
• Import and Export (XML and CSV)
• Import and export (txt)
• Publishing projects by eDrawings
• Export to pdf navigable
• Drag and drop from Windows Applications
• External database connection protocols via ADO, SQL Server, and SQLite)

• Design objects
• Preview of sheets, symbols, macros and connectors
• Symbol library including format (ANSI / IEC / GB / JIS)
• Single line diagram presentation
• Power and control schemes
• Classification of components per locations and functions
• Cross-references between components (control, power, hydraulic, pneumatic, and PLC)
• Symbol black box (for electronic components, speed drivers...)
• Easy creation of macros (commonly used circuits)
• Automatic renumbering of components
• Manual and automatic forwarding equipotential
• Manual and automatic wire numbering
• Intelligent connection between components and cables
• Error checking design
• Symbols manager
• 2D cables and terminals
• Macros manager
• Connection labels

• Automatic generation or manual insertion of PLC Inputs and Outputs
• Dynamically inserting PLC inputs and outputs
• Easy classification of inputs and outputs by type (power, digital PLC inputs and outputs, analog PLC inputs and outputs...)
• Automatic insertion of macros for assigned PLC inputs and outputs
• PLC inputs and outputs classification per functions
• Easy insertion of racks and SLOTS
• PLC topology and layout connection with labels
• Cross-References among PLC

• Automatic generation of terminals
• Different symbols terminals available
• Multilevel Terminals
• Bridge among terminals
• Customizable naming terminals using formulas
• Easy terminals classification per location and function
• Graphical list or DIN report
• Wire and equipotential numbers, cable data and cable core information displayed on terminal strip drawings
• Destination equipment and the device terminals information displayed on terminal strip drawings

• Scaled design
• Easy insertion of cabinets, ducts, rails, switchgear, and devices
• Include dimensions in the drawing
• Connection labels per component
• Multiple 2D parts insertion
• 2D parts manager
• Online 2D parts download
• Mounting instructions in multiple languages
• Add technical data sheets for specific devices as PDF attachments in the projects manager

• Cover and index drawings
• Details
• Terminal strips details
• List of components
• List of connections
• Equipotential detail
• List of materials (BOM)
• Reports PLC inputs and outputs
• Cabinet layout with cross-references symbols
• List of revisions
• List of design errors
• Customizable reports
• Multi-selection of filters in reports
• SQL queries reports


• Software upgrades & service packs
• Personalized technical support
• Certified access to contents
• Predictable budgeting


• English
• Spanish
• French
• Italian
• German
• Czech
• Chinese - Twi
• Chinese
• Japanese
• Korean
• Polish
• Portugese
• Russian
• Turkish


• Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 o 64 bits)
• Windows Server 8 (x64 bits)
• 4 GB RAM (mínimo)
• 5 GB de almacenamiento libre (mínimo)
• Tarjeta gráfica (certificación recomendada)
• Procesador Intel® o AMD®
• Conexión de banda ancha a Internet
• Conexión a Internet para la activación de licencias


Our product are always delivered by a download link in your account generated with your license.

By default, this license includes a Silver level support subscription.

* 1, 2 or 3 year licenses are available online. For a stand-alone license, please contact our sales team for more information.

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