elec calc LV limited to 630 Kva

Calculation and electrical design software for low voltage projects

In order to adapt our offer to the different users we make available a version limited to 630 Kva to accompany projects with reduced power. You will find all the features of the LV version to optimize the choice of equipment and ensure compliance with current regulations. With a small investment you will be able to confidently handle the sizing of your electrical installations.
This version is limited to 400 components.

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* License duration (subscription included) : 
1 176,00 €
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elec calc advantages are focused to ensure safety, service continuity and energy efficiency according the different standards worldwide

elec calc provides engineers, installers, developers, energy producers/distributors and manufacturers of electrical switchgear, with a powerful tool for sizing electrical installations. This tool includes the most performant calculation models on the market, in the field of design and calculation. It enables a rapid development of your project while guarantying high quality electrical calculations.

elec calc offers numerous advantages such as its increased safety, service continuity and energy efficiency according to the different standards worldwide (IEC, NFC 15-100, RGIE,...)

The current version of elec calc has been developed thanks to the extensive experience of Trace Software International. It includes performance guarantees, necessary for sizing electrical installations in both high and low voltage electrical projects, in various industries such as energy, infrastructure, and critical facilities engineering.

The sizing of elec calc projects will allow you to reduce costs and the time spent designing, while ensuring the correct running of the installation according to different standards.


Remark: this version is limited to LV projects till 630 Kva

elec calc provides engineers, installers, developers, energy producers & distributors and manufacturers of electrical switchgear, with a powerful tool for sizing electrical installations.

This tool includes the most performant calculation models on the market, in the field of design and calculation. It enables a rapid development of your project while guarantying high quality electrical calculations.

• SQLite database for catalogs
• Digital license that allows standalone & server/user installation

• Multi-language console: english, french, spanish and chinese
• Customizable user rights (read only access; read only and print / export access; free access) protected by password

• Agile and intuitive console
• Contextual toolbars
• Free drawing (line, polyline, arc, ellipse, rectangle, text, …)
• Note insertion
• Symbol rotation
• Multi-level undo/redo
• Copy, cut and paste command
• Drag and drop command
• Zoom
• Search command for components

• Calculation of the installation in real-time
• Standards including IEC, AFNOR-NF, RGIE
• Home menu – useful for setting options
for the interface common for all projects
• Configuration menu
• Locations manager (7 level tree-stucture type)
• Operating modes manager
• Configurable calculation reports
• Advanced template management
• Creating template from a project
• Customization of standard components
• Environment parameters per location (altitude, air and soil temperatures, risk of fire or explosion)

• Export of the calculations report to PDF
• Export of the one-line diagram (synoptic or folios) to PDF, DWG
• Export to Excel

• Smart Design Function
• Automatic connection of components
• Graphical alert and errors
• Graphical results in the one-line diagram
• Standard and customizable components
• One-line diagram on several pages with intelligent links
• Customizable source colors to differentiate networks with different supplies
• User library
• Duplication and replication commands
• Automatic and manual marking of components
• Entering data from spreadsheet
• Customizable grid

• Power balance (active, reactive, apparent and power factor)
• Several types of sources: HV or LV supplies, transformers, generators, UPS, VFD
• Different types of transformers: HV/HV, HV/LV, LV/LV
• Operating modes by control of the sources and switchgears
• 50 Hz or 60 Hz
• Power factor correction
• Loads: motor, plug, lighting, resistance
• Motor starting management
• Power balance on each source or distributor
• Growth and load factors on each distributor

• Multilevel discrimination analysis
• Discrimination study by free selection of components
• Dynamic graphical setting of the device
• Adjustable zoom

• Sizing of wiring systems according to IEC 60364-5-52, NF-C15-100, or NF C-13-200
• Short-circuit currents calculated according to IEC 60909, by the method of symmetrical components
• Sizing of the cables according to the method of installation, the design current and the protection setting, checking the thermal stresses and the voltage drops
• Different earthing systems: TT, TN-S, TN-C, IT with or without distributed neutral
• Calculation of the THD according to IEC 61800
• Several earth electrodes

• Printing language independent of the console language
• Free print settings of project
• Printing sorted by distributor and/or location
• Printing in the calculations note (with three circuits per page)
• Calculation notes per component
• Settings schedule
• List of anomalies
• Cable list per brand
• Cable list per reference
• Bill of Materials per brand
• Bill of Materials per reference
• Table of contents
• Customizable logo in the footer/ page layout


• Software upgrades & service packs
• Personalized technical support
• Certified access to contents
• Predictable budgeting


• Chinese
• English
• French
• Spanish


Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 or 64 bits)
4GB RAM (minimum)
1,2GB for application and Trace Software catalogs (minimum)
Graphics card
Intel® or ADM® processor
Broadband Internet Connection
Internet connection for license activation


Our products are always delivered by a download link in your account generated with your license.

By default, this license includes a silver level support subscription.

* 1, 2 or 3 year licenses are available online. For a stand-alone license, please contact our sales team for more information.

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