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Trace Software Academy

We can help you focusing on the best-practices of design methodology and avoiding issues and unnecessary costs before they negatively impact your organization’s competitiveness.

Duration: 2 hours.

400,00 €
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TRAINING PROGRAMS - "Quality, efficiency & productivity"

Book a training course or have a trainer come to you on-site. Maybe you are interested in running an instructor-led training session virtually? Whatever option you are interested in, our instructors will be happy to provide the training you need and share their knowledge. Available trainings programs can be online or live, self-paced or instructor-led.


• 1 - Licence activation and transfer
• 2 - General principles and data capture
• 3 - DC characteristics
• 4 - AC characteristics
• 5 - Surge arresters
• 6 - Solar irradiance levels
• 7 - Toolbar
• 8 - Users catalog
• 9 - Configuration
• 10 - Printing managment


• English
• French
• Spanish

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