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Keep updated & competitive

Trace software International offers two kinds of subscriptions that combine software updates and technical assistance, so as to ensure that you get the latest software version, unlimited and customized technical support worldwide in 24h and a direct access to the most up-to-date technical contents in the market.

* Subscription level (price for 1 year) : 
700,00 €
- +


The easiest way to keep your software up to date.

• Software upgrades & service packs
• Personalized technical support
• Certified contents access
• Predictable budgeting

• Increase your productivity year by year
• Ensure success in your projects
• Reach a higher quality and professionalism
• Reduce your long-term costs


Trace Software International offers different types of subscription contracts:

(1) Training webinars for elec calc™ users : 4 basic and 2 advanced sessions per year. Access to recorded webinars.
(2) Total days per year. Travel expenses excluded. *Basic training course required.
*Subscription services are associated per contract. 

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