elecworks for PTC® Creo®

2D/3D electrical projects*

elecworks for PTC® Creo® allows you to design quickly schematically defined electrical systems that can easily be implemented in 3D CAD models afterwards.

• User-friendly interface
• Licensing and system requirements
• Project Manager preview
• 3D parts manager
• Smart documentation

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Increase the collaboration between electrical and mechanical departments

elecworks for PTC® Creo® allows you to design quickly schematically defined electrical systems that can easily be implemented in 3D CAD models afterwards.

Thanks to the real-time synchronization of electrical schematics and 3D CAD models, the bill of materials (BOM) unification between the electrical system and the mechanical design is facilitated. Such feature helps eliminate errors if the design is modified until manufacturing.


elecworks for PTC® Creo® enhances collaboration between electrical and mechanical departments, increasing their effectiveness. With its Microsoft SQL database and its effective user interface (with its own graphical engine), elecworks offers the most advanced features available on the market, allowing you to produce easily complete project documentation in a short amount of time.

• Digital license that allows standalone & server/user installation
• Floating license. It can be installed in as many computers as needed.
• Compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10, 64 bits
• Compatibility with applications Microsoft SQL Server

• Intuitive elecworks user interface in PTC® Creo®
• Easy PTC® Creo® assembly creation from elecworks
• Dynamic menus and options
• Contextual menus according to specific objects
• Cut, Copy and Paste commands
• Undo/Redo, Rebuild and Delete & rebuild commands

• User-friendly interface
• Project manager
• Components manager

• Licensing and system requirements
• Multi-user access in real-time
• User rights manager
• Communication interface among users
• Unified technical working environment

• Project Manager preview
• Multi-user access in real-time
• Components navigation bar with real-time updates elecworks / PTC® Creo®
• 3D locations’ creation from elecworks into PTC® Creo®

• 3D parts manager
• 3D cabinet representation based on 2D
• Multiple placement of cabinets (locations)
• Different components insertion
• Real-time association between electrical 2D, and 3D components
• Automatic and dynamic insertion of components on rails
• Display component marks
• Comprehensive shared library across electrical and mechanical users with comprehensive search
• Create 2D drawings form the 3D assembly
• Create photo-realistic rendering

• Harness manager
• Cables manager
• Harness development (Route wires/cables)
• Auto-routing technology
• Automatic wire/cable/harness length reports

• Assembly drawings
• Ballooned assembly drawings
• Multi-level terminals
• Drilling plans
• Cable labels
• Accurate wire-cut lists
• Synchronized electrical and mechanical BOM in real-time


• Software upgrades & service packs
• Personalized technical support
• Certified access to contents
• Predictable budgeting


• English
• Spanish
• French
• Italian
• German
• Czech
• Chinese - Twi
• Chinese
• Japanese
• Korean
• Polish
• Portugese
• Russian
• Turkish


Windows 7SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (x64 bits)
Windows Server 8 (x64 bits)
4GB RAM (minimum)
5 GB disk space free (minimum)
Video board (certified recommended)
Intel® or ADM® processor
Broadband Internet Connection
Internet Explorer 8 or later


Our products are always delivered by a download link in your account generated with your license.

By default, this license includes a platinum level support subscription.

* 1, 2 or 3 year licenses are available online. For a stand-alone license, please contact our sales team for more information.

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