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Software module of elecworks*

This elecworks optional module enables - among other features - to create, cross references, and to integrate the hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical controls with each component, in the same project, by using a single software application.   

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elecworks p&id

Process & Instrumentation Diagram and Process Flow Diagram solution

This module is useful for elecworks users: it includes a library of symbols dedicated to design Diagrams Industrial Process (“Piping and Instrumentation Diagram”, P&ID) and flowcharts for process Hydraulic (“Process Flow Diagram”, PFD).

With this new P&ID library add-on, thanks to elecworks cross references, you can integrate the hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical controls with each component in the same project, using a single software application. Furthermore elecworks generates all the necessary documentation for your project and manages all the technical data which may be exported to different formats.


Time-saving P&ID and PFD schematic design
Multi-user environment on the same project
Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical control managment in a single solution
Built-in symbol library from different international standards
Cross-references management, including in component property tables
Easy bill of materials and report generation
Buil-in library with more than 500 items (valves, pumps, exchangers ...) created from different international standards (ISA/ ANSI, ISO, etc.)
Symbols complying with standards ANSl/1-SA-SS.1-1984 (R 2009) and ISO 10628 (R 1997)
Automatic generation of Bill Of Material by component type
Multi-user environment with real-time updates
Automatic cross-reference and pipe num­bering features
Customizable tags on instrumentation and pipes
Selection of hydraulic connections between pipes and main elements
Customizable connection labels according different standards
Specific and customizable reports, export to .pdf and excel formats
lntegration with ERP and PLM

The P&ID symbol library includes + 500 items, created thanks to different international standards (ISA/ANSI, ISO, etc.). All belonging to the “Process and Instrumentation" family, these symbols facilitate the drawing of industrial processes and flow diagrams in an intuitive, simplified way. In accordance with standards ANSI/ISA-S5.1-1984 (R 2009) and ISO 10628 (R 1997).

The procedure to draw a P&ID or PFD is simple. You only have to select the tab menu overview in elecworks, create a blank diagram, assign the box (created specifically for this type of scheme) and incorporate the standards above (A2 or C depending on the rule to follow). 
Then, include the various symbols forming the process and insert them directly by clicking on "insert symbol" and selecting the family of "Process and instrumentation.” You can otherwise use the left customizable menu palette in elecworks.

It is possible to assign a table detailing all the components’ specifications and properties of each element, including piping and electrical connections interacting with it (such as hydraulic pumps).

This property table can be inserted at the bottom of the diagram, as defined by the ISA standard. Intelligent, the property table is updated automatically when you modify the references table of an element associated with a pipe or any associated component.

At the end, the result is an intelligent process diagram (P&ID). Thanks to it, you can design a manufacturing plant or an industrial hydraulic process quickly and easily.


Software upgrades & service packs
Personalized technical support
Certified access to contents
Predictable budgeting


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Windows 7SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (x64 bits)
Windows Server 8 (x64 bits)
4GB RAM (minimum)
5 GB disk space free (minimum)
Video board (certified recommended)
Intel® or ADM® processor
Broadband Internet Connection
Internet Explorer 8 or later</p


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